Asvata – the power of the natural healing

What is “Asvata”? 

Herbal medicine is one of the oldest and the most popular medicinal methods ever known among the different cultures of the human race – from the Indians in America to the Chinese people in Asia. In the last centuries, with the great advances in modern medicine, new western research has introduced an eclectic study of old medicinal methods by exploring the chemical qualities of herbs. Today, there is a growing awareness in modern society of the importance and benefits of old traditional medicine

ASVATA, composed of the old Aramic words “Isbin le’ Asvata” (i.e Herbs for Medicine), is actually a therapeutic center striving to revive the old know-how of herbal medicine. In this center, long-term healing relationships will be based on a personal liaison between healer and patient, with the healer meeting the patient’s needs and personal physical condition. This type of relationship has unfortunately become impersonal and problematic within the modern virtual “global family” throughout the 21st century
In the process of healing, which includes the diagnosis, we combine an alcohol based essence of healing herbs, which are collected mostly from the local flora of the country of Israel (while some other organic species are imported from abroad). These herbs are treated thoroughly, through different stages of drying, selection, extraction with alcohol and mixing methods, in accordance with the personal needs of the patient and the disease entity from which he is suffering. They may be prescribed on a long term basis or a one-time treatment with the goal of treating the root of the patient’s problem and not just his external symptoms

In ASVATA we also offer therapeutic ointments for different kinds of skin diseases, as well as creams, medical soaps and different cosmetic products. All of our medical products are made according to internationally accepted formulas established by international research, and they are certified as Kosher Lemehadrin by the local religious council of Gush Etzion supervised by Rabbi Eliyahu Abba-Shaul

Exploring Jewish Sources

Besides our therapeutic and healing mission, we are also striving to revive an immense body of knowledge of the Jewish skill in curing herbs, according to both the Rambam’s writings and the Kabala of the Holy Zohar
In our web site we introduce original articles on different medical issues related to Jewish medicine for domestic purposes, including lectures on the Mishnah, lectures from the teachings of the Hassidism, and studies of the Torra

Whoever wishes to increase his knowledge and experience the production of simple natural products out of common local plants for healing, cleansing and cosmetic purposes, may join and attend our workshops, domestic courses and/or lectures. For ordering products, registering for courses, asking personal questions and counseling about various herbs, please contact us by phone or by Email, and do come to visit us at our home in Gush Etzion